Restored „Son of Frankenstein“-Trailer


Jemand hat den Original-Trailer zum dritten Frankenstein-Film der Universal Studios aus dem alten 35mm-Nitrat-Material restauriert, in dem bislang ungesehene Szenen enthalten waren. Ich liebe die alten Universal Monster, speziell die Sequels und die eher „schlechteren“ Teile, weil, naja, trashiger eben und das hier ist für mich als Universal Monster-Komplettist ’ne ziemliche Sensation: The restored trailer for Son Of Frankenstein has risen from the grave.

The newly restored preview of a coming attraction—taken from a 35mm nitrate print—features alternate takes and scenes deleted from the final film that have not been seen for close to 75 years. The trailer existed only on silver nitrate film stock, and was thought to be lost to time and the elements. The restoration also looks fantastic, probably better even than it did in 1939.

Son Of Frankenstein was the third film in Universal’s Frankenstein series and part of the original shared cinematic universe. The film follows the Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, son of the original Dr. Frankenstein, looking to redeem his father’s reputation and proving his theories right.