What Does A.I. Have To Do With This Selfie?

Nettes Erklärvideo von Nat and Lo, in dem sie Style Transfer per A.I. erklären:

Vor ein paar Wochen erst hatten sie bereits eins zu Machine Learning veröffentlicht:

Mehr Style Transfer: Facebook arbeitet an Style Transfer für ihr Live-Video-Dings und lustigerweise schreiben sowohl die Semi-Auskenner von NextWeb als auch von NYMags Select All bezüglich des Begriffs „Style Transfer“ Sachen wie „'style transfer' app, as Cox referred to it“ und „Facebook is calling the copycat a 'style transfer' app“, except ITS THE OFFICIAL SCIENTIFIC TERM COINED IN A BILLION PAPERS aber egal.

Noch mehr Style Transfer --> Google arbeitet an Style Transfer in Echtzeit: Supercharging Style Transfer.

In our recent paper titled “A Learned Representation for Artistic Style”, we introduce a simple method to allow a single deep convolutional style transfer network to learn multiple styles at the same time. The network, having learned multiple styles, is able to do style interpolation, where the pastiche varies smoothly from one style to another. Our method enables style interpolation in real-time as well, allowing this to be applied not only to static images, but also videos.