Type Trap: Global Futura Hunt


Ein Social Image-Dingsbums zur Dokumentation der weltweiten Verbreitung von Paul Renners Futura:

fut1type trap is a social image platform that aims to document the spread of the FUTURA typeface wherever it is found.

FUTURA is world-renowned and well travelled. Unlike any other typeface before it, FUTURA has influenced our perception of modernity and the future. It is the German typeface of the 20th century. Created by Paul Renner and cast in Frankfurt in 1927, the typeface quickly made its way around the globe, even on board the Apollo 11.

The FUTURA type-trap project initiative represents the largest global search for the FUTURA typeface: on posters, neon signs, advertisements, packaging, books, business cards, tattoos etc. – at home in the city or in the country. Everyone is invited to report their findings by uploading them to type-trap.com.