Tactical AddOn-Testicles for Assault Rifles


balls1Ich dachte ja immer, wenn man Waffendeppen vorhält, dass sie einen Phallus-Fetisch haben, bekäme man sehr schnell sehr offensichtliche Probleme. Wie gut, dass sie sich das mittlerweile selbst eingestehen und sich Hoden an die Knarren hängen. Is' natürlich nur'n Scherz und so schon klar: „The TAC-SAC fits on any standard picatinny rail and is made from a rugged injection-molded plastic. It is proudly made in America by Americans.“ 😱

The TAC-SAC becomes the ultimate symbol of masculinity’s crisis of confidence. It’s not enough to protect your dignity and place in society with a gun, now you must display your outsized masculinity alongside it. Of course, TAC-SAC says it’s all a joke for $39.99, but it’s a joke that plays off our deeply seeded cultural ideas about balls, guns, and everything they symbolize about masculinity. Which makes for a pretty serious joke.