This is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage


Neben Canetti lese ich grade Sekundärliteratur zu den Medientheorien Marshall McLuhans, den experimentellen TV-Film zu Medium is the Massage kannte ich bis grade eben noch nicht: „Re-Evaluate every thought and every Institution you formerly took for granted. The electric age is changing you. It's is changing your family. It's changing your neighborhood. It's changing your education. It's changing your job. It's changing your government. It's changing your relationship to others. The electric Age is having a profound effect on us. We are in a period of fantastic change, and it's coming at us at fantastic speed. Your life is changing dramatically – and you are numb to it.“

[This is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage] Investigates the central ideas of Marshall McLuhan using pictorial techniques and including his own comments. Examines the reaction of others to his views and points out that his interest is the impact of electronic technology on the contemporary world.

Und die 2002er Doku The 4 Laws of Media & Marshal McLuhan mit Laurie Anderson kannte ich auch noch nicht:

As he lay dying on the last day of 1980, Marshall McLuhan had every reason to believe he would soon be forgotten. His ideas about technology and its role in society had been dismissed by many Western intellectuals and his beloved study centre at the University of Toronto had been closed. His books were not selling and the mass media, having built him up as the oracle of our times, had lost interest. Worst of all, a massive stroke, suffered earlier in the year, had rendered him mute.