Pete Burns R.I.P.

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Pete Burns, Sänger der Band Dead or Alive und ihrem 80s-Knaller You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), ist im Alter von 57 Jahren an einem Herzstillstand verstorben.

Ich erinnere mich noch ziemlich genau daran, als Westbam den Track Ende der 90er auf der Loveparade spielte. Neben I-F Space Invaders' Are smoking Grass halte ich das übrigens so ein bisschen für den Urknall dieses ganzen 80s-Wahnsinns, der seitdem im Grunde kein Ende mehr nimmt. Aber dafür kann ja Pete Burn nix.

Tschüss und danke für die ganzen Spins, Pete.

Never one to conform to the rules, Burns dropped out of his Liverpool boys school at the age of 14 after he was summoned to the headmaster’s office “with no eyebrows, Harmony-red hair and one gigantic earring”. He began working in a record shop in Liverpool, where he formed his first band, the Mystery Girls, though they played only one gig. Burns formed Dead Or Alive with Mike Percy, Steve Coy and Tim Lever in 1980.

Burns became famous for his androgynous style and his progressive approach to gender. He often wore women’s clothes and, speaking to the Guardian in 2007, said: “Everyone’s in drag of some sorts, I don’t give a fuck about gender and drag. I’m not trying to be a girl by putting on a dress – gender is separated by fabric. I was brought up with an incredible amount of freedom and creativity. Society has put certain constraints on things.”

Boy George, who Burns once accused of ripping off his style, paid tribute to the singer, writing: “Tearful about the passing of Pete Burns, he was one of our great true eccentrics and such a big part of my life! Wow. Hard to believe!”

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