Googles Noto – 1 Opensource-Babelfont für alle Sprachen und Schriften

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Monotype hat für Google einen Opensource-Font entwickelt, der mehr als 800 Sprachen und 100 Alphabete abdeckt. Die größte und umfassendste Schriftfamilie ever, ein Babelfont quasi: Noto.

Monotype: More than 800 languages in a single typeface: creating Noto for Google

Google set Monotype a straightforward brief: “no more tofu” – tofu being the nickname for the blank boxes that are shown when a computer or site lacks font support for a particular character. To meet Google’s requirement, Monotype needed to develop one typographic family that could cover the more than 800 languages included in the Unicode Consortium standard.


8Faces: Monotype create Noto for Google: An open-source typeface family for all the world’s languages

Rising to this enormous challenge Monotype coordinated an intense research effort, partnering with researchers, designers, linguists, cultural experts and project managers around the world.

The more obscure scripts required significant research to ensure the scripts adhered to their traditions and rules. Experts were consulted and direct feedback was sought from communities using the scripts.

For the Tibetan face, Monotype conducted in-depth research into a vast library of writings and then enlisted the help of Buddhist monks to critique the font and make adjustments to the design.

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