F3: Live-Coding 3D-Objects

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F3 [Form From Function], eine neue Umgebung zur Programmierung von 3D-Objekten in der OpenGL Shading Language:

fffLike Processing, F3 offers a highly responsive live coding environment. It also features a GPU accelerated real-time rendering engine and a functional and algorithmic approach to form making like OpenSCAD, opening up new design possibilities. With F3, your imagination is the limit!

Most CAD software use boundary representations (B-Reps) and operations like extrudes and revolves to create and represent form. This works well for most modeling applications, however B-Reps constrain the types of forms that can be made and how those forms can be modified. F3 uses functional representations (F-Reps) a la signed distance functions and therefore can create more complex geometries, perform more complex modification operations to these geometries and represent forms that have different material compositions. For example, instead of just having boolean operations like, combine, subtract and intersect, F3 gives your the power to blend shapes together and even morph one shape into another:

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