Evil Clowns have Chainsaws now


Ich hab die Evil Clown-Epidemie im September ja weitgehend ignoriert, weil ich das letztlich für ’ne ausgelutschte Meme von aufmerksamkeitsgeilen Deppen halte. Finde ich immer noch, aber anscheinend eskaliert das grade so ein bisschen:

1. Police clown warning after jokers seen in Perth with chainsaws, machetes, bats: „With reports of more and more clowns arming themselves with machetes, hammers and old cricket bats, a WA Police spokesman said they would take action if they believed them to be causing fear to the public. […] Two clowns were spotted in the Rockingham area on Saturday evening following an alleged 'clown party', and one was reportedly armed with an 'old chainsaw'.“

2. Knife-wielding 'killer clown' pursues Durham schoolchildren: „A masked man with a painted face and carrying a knife jumped out on a group of children and followed them to school in the latest 'killer clown' incident thought to be inspired by a craze in the US. The pupils, aged 11 and 12, were on their way to the Hermitage academy in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, at 8.40am when they were confronted, leaving them distressed but unhurt.“

3. „Portland Info Call: report of a clown holding a chainsaw, area of NW Thompson/Laidlaw, 1 call so far.“

[update 12.10.]

4. McDonald’s to bench Ronald McDonald until this “creepy clown” thing blows over

5. Killer clown sightings in UK trigger police warning: „An 18-year-old from South Wales was arrested and fined £90 for a public order offence after dressing as a clown and jumping out at pupils as they left school. […] West Midlands police said they had arrested a 13-year-old schoolboy after after he allegedly assaulted another teenager while wearing a clown mask. […] A man walking home alone in Bournemouth was grabbed and dragged along the street by an assailant wearing a clown costume. […] In Southampton, a 13-year-old boy dressed in a clown mask sustained minor injuries after being hit by a car on Monday evening.“