WTF Scientology Photo-Illustrations

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Dangerous Minds hat 20 utterly bizarre images from a 1994 scientology handbook that will numb your mind aus den Instagrams von Justin Goldy. Bizarre they are indeed.


The enormous 871-page hardcover 1994 Scientology Handbook features over 700 insane and strangely haunting illustrations that promise positive effects in today’s turbulent society. The ultra-saturated photographs use vivid, heightened colours in a traditional comic book format to help navigate the reader through a world rampant with conflict, drugs, illiteracy, crime, terrorism, immorality… the list seems endless. “To have any decent future at all, you need to know this manual for living and use it.”

The actors and sets were photographed in the early ‘90s on full-sized sound stages belonging to Golden Era Productions in Riverside County, California. Next door to the sound stages lies a computer facility with an uninterruptable power supply so when the rapture happens you will still be able to get onto America Online and check your email.

wtf-scientology-handbook-11 wtf-scientology-handbook-4 wtf-scientology-handbook-23 wtf-scientology-handbook-8 wtf-scientology-handbook-6 wtf-scientology-handbook-14 wtf-scientology-handbook-27 wtf-scientology-handbook-13 wtf-scientology-handbook-18 wtf-scientology-handbook-15 wtf-scientology-handbook-19 wtf-scientology-handbook-16 wtf-scientology-handbook-29 wtf-scientology-handbook-10 wtf-scientology-handbook-30 wtf-scientology-handbook-31 wtf-scientology-handbook-24 wtf-scientology-handbook-9 wtf-scientology-handbook-5 wtf-scientology-handbook-20 wtf-scientology-handbook-32 wtf-scientology-handbook-26 wtf-scientology-handbook-7 wtf-scientology-handbook-2 wtf-scientology-handbook-22 wtf-scientology-handbook-21 wtf-scientology-handbook-28 wtf-scientology-handbook-3 wtf-scientology-handbook-25 wtf-scientology-handbook-17 wtf-scientology-handbook-1 wtf-scientology-handbook-12

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