Japanische Holzverbindungstechniken, GIF'd


Mein fav Twitter-Feed für die nächsten 5 Minuten: The complete 3D guide to joinery.

Im GIF oben: Han-isuka-sao-shachi-tsugi (半いすか竿車知継ぎ), ein dreifacher Shachisen-tsugi-shikuchi-no-shihousashi (車知栓継ぎ仕口の四方差し) und ein gebogener Sampo-gumi-shikuchi (三方組仕口).

“I was fascinated by the traditional techniques of creating strong bonds without the use of nails or adhesive,” he says, speaking with Spoon & Tamago. But the instructions were very systematic and difficult to visualize. So he began ordering wood joinery books from all over the world but was unable to find any that were fully comprehensive. And the two-dimensional stills weren’t helpful either. So he began to create his own three-dimensional, animated illustrations.