Killed by Deathrock

03.10.2016 Music #Album

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Neu im Plattenschrank:

1. Killed by Deathrock Vol. 1 (Vol. 2 hab ich gleich vorbestellt, Goth-Punk-Compilations von Sacred Bones, erscheint im November).

After the initial blast of punk rock bands made their impression on the youth of the late 1970s, subgenres quickly emerged. Some preferred the faster, louder aggression of hardcore, others the angular danceability of post-punk, some the raw and more personal home-made sound of DIY, and so on. Looking back among and between these genres we now recognize various blends of punk, post-punk, goth rock, industrial, and DIY as “deathrock." In 2014, Sacred Bones Records launched the series Killed By Deathrock to document an entire scene of bands that haven't yet received proper recognition.

2. The Gaslamp Killer - Instrumentalepathy – „This is no way the world ends“.

3. Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch, Kunst-Pop über Menstruation. Ansonsten ziemlich fantastischer Sound.

4. Tycho – Epoch, Entspannungs-EDM aus San Francisco für Wüstenparties voller Neonkrams.

5. Butcher Brown – GrownFolk, instrumentaler Funk in authentischer 70s-Fahrstuhl-Akkustik. Kurios aber geil.

6. Drakkar Nowhere – dto, großartiger Prog Rock aus Schweden.