IoT-1TB-DDoS Source Code released

ddos_cctvDie Honks, die per Internet-of-Things-Devices massive DDoS-Angriffe gegen Journalisten fahren, haben ihren Source Code veröffentlicht. „The Future is already here“, and it's evenly distributed.

The source code that powers the “Internet of Things” (IoT) botnet responsible for launching the historically large distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against KrebsOnSecurity last month has been publicly released, virtually guaranteeing that the Internet will soon be flooded with attacks from many new botnets powered by insecure routers, IP cameras, digital video recorders and other easily hackable devices.

The Register: Source code unleashed for junk-blasting Internet of Things botnet

“Soon we may see DDoS attacks that are capable of taking down major portions of the Internet, as well as causing brownouts, creating intolerable latency, or making the Internet unusable,” Gates argued. “This is all collateral damage caused by a failure of good judgement by using the same factory default passwords on IoT devices in the first place."