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DJ Food mit dem dritten Teil seiner Futur Shock-Mix-Serie, „a collection of retro-futuristic sounds from the past and present“ für Ninja Tunes' Solid Steel Radioshow.

It sees classics from Gary Numan, Mr Fingers, Grandmaster Flash, Bam Bam, S'Express and Herbie Hancock given a 21st Century update and a healthy dose of acid. Recent Solid Steel guests and Mercury Prize nominees The Comet Is Coming dual with Darth Vader's theme and Boards of Canada get a sweet vocal addition from Bomb The Bass.

Und obendrauf gibt's das ganze Teil auch noch als Video-Mashup:


  1. Jim Henson - Drums West
  2. The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast)
  3. Mophono - Snotz 35 (unreleased)
  4. Gary Numan - Films (DJ Butcher Instrumental) (mp3)
  5. Gil Scott Heron - Where Did The Night Go? (XL Recordings)
  6. Sasqwax - Dr Who (Psychcast 27 extract mp3)
  7. Mophono - Cut Form Crush Jam (CB Records)
  8. Datashat - Stop The Message (widescreen edit) (Handsettle)
  9. Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - The Right Stuff (Psychemagik Remix) (Sour Mash)
  10. Wolf Muller - Dickicht (J.T.C. mix) (Themes For Great Cities)
  11. Interloper - He's Gone Away (Inky Blackness)
  12. John Grant - Voodoo Doll (Satellites remix) (Bella Union)
  13. Dauerfisch - Es Läuft (Bungalow)
  14. Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World (accapella) (Warner Bros)
  15. Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It? (Fingers On The MPC Version by Third World Orchestra) (mp3)
  16. Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is a Balloon (Skam)
  17. Bomb The Bass - One To One Religon (skankapella) (Stoned Heights)
  18. Den Sorte Skole - Heli Yosa (self-released)
  19. The Comet Is Coming - Neon Baby (Leaf)
  20. John Williams - The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) (RSO)
  21. The Shamen - Phorward (Moksha Records)
  22. Adonis - No Way Back (London Records)
  23. Ego Troopers - Where's Your Child? (Bam Bam Cover) (mp3)
  24. P Lopez & Octavio - ICE (LPZ Records)
  25. Radio Slave - Dedication (DJ Food club edit) (RKDS)
  26. Black Devil - H FRIEND (Turzi remix) (Lo Recordings)
  27. Arpadys - Monkey Star (Because Music)
  28. S'Express - Lollypop (Chris & Cosey Remix) (Needle Boss Records)

with interjections from 'This Is Marshall McLuhan' and 'Magic Trip'

Hier nochmal die Vorgänger:

Future Shock 1


  1. Orson Welles _ Future Shock _ unknown
  2. unknown _ This Is Not What Space Is About _ Private press CD
  3. Ganzfeld _ The Liars Paradox _ Rotary Tower
  4. Working For a Nuclear Free City _ Pixelated Birds _ Melodic
  5. Four Tet _ Druid 1 _ free mp3
  6. The Books _ Group Autogenics II _ Temporary Residence
  7. Jokers of the Scene _ Stoned In Death Valley _ Throne of Kanada
  8. Jokers of the Scene _ Umbilical Chords _ Throne of Kanada
  9. Giallos Flame _ Carpenter's Groove _ Rotary Tower
  10. Illum Sphere _ Embryonic (Lone remix) _ Ninja Tune
  11. Dobie _ She Moans (Falty DL remix) _ Ninja Tune
  12. Run The Jewels _ Get It _ Big Dada
  13. Machinedrum _ Nu Jack _ Ninja Tune
  14. Om Unit _ Ether _ Terrorhythm Recordings
  15. Jokers of the Scene _ A Night On The Town _ Throne of Blood
  16. Jeremy Schmidt _ Opening title of Beyond The Black Rainbow _ Death Waltz
  17. Sculpture _ Plastic Infinite _ Tapebox
  18. JuJu & Jordash _ Stroop _ Throne of Blood
  19. Delia Derbyshire / Berry Bermange _ Dreams / falling _ BBC
  20. Falty DL _ King Brute feat Shanghai Den _ Ninja Tune
  21. Jokers of the Scene _ This is Newsbeat _ Throne of Kanada
  22. Herbie Hancock _ a snatch of American Megamix _ CBS
  23. LJ Kruzer _ Tam _ Uncharted Audio
  24. unknown _ This Is Not What Space Is About (excerpt 2) _ Private press CD
  25. Jeremy Schmidt _ Sentionaut _ Death Waltz

Future Shock 2


  1. Machine Drum - Tried & True (Ninja Tune)
  2. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Robots Kill Grimsbridge (Death Waltz)
  3. Divine Styler - Images On a Screen (Gamma Proforma)
  4. Queen - Ming's Theme (in the court of Ming the Merciless) (EMI)
  5. Sinoia Caves - Forever Dilating Eye (Death Waltz)
  6. Divine Styler - Def Mask (Gamma Proforma)
  7. The Advisory Circle - Escape Lane (Ghost Box)
  8. The Human League - Toyota City (Fast)
  9. Ukkonen - Total Syzygy (Uncharted Audio)
  10. Falty DL - Great Antilles VIP (Ninja Tune)
  11. Tangerine Dream - Movements Of A Visionary (excerpt) (Virgin)
  12. Andy Partridge - Powers 3 (Ape House)
  13. Not Waving - Protect The Revolution (Ecstatic)
  14. Tangerine Dream - Thru Metamorphic Rocks (excerpt) (Virgin)
  15. Psychic TV - Alien Be-In (Silent Servant remix) (Dark Entries)
  16. Prince - The Future (Remix) (Warner Bros)
  17. Herbie Hancock - American megamix (excerpt) (CBS)
  18. Pye Corner Audio - The Black Mist (Front & Follow)
  19. Wild Honey - An Army of Fat Synths (Emperor Machine mix Pts I & II - EDIT) (Lovemonk)
  20. Martyn - Drones (Ninja Tune)
  21. An-i - Rut (Cititrax)
  22. Silent Servant - The Strange Attractor (Hospital Productions)

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