Carolina Reaper Pepper-Tortilla-Chip im Sarg-Packaging


Die Tortilla-Chip-Fuzzis von Paqui haben einen Single-Chip im Sarg-Packaging am Start, den sie mit Carolina Reaper Pepper gewürzt haben – der mit 2,2 Millionen Scoville Heat Units schärfsten Pfefferschote der Welt: This Tortilla Chip Is So Hellishly Spicy, You Get Only One Per Pack. WANT! (Then die crying.)


Tortilla gourmets at Paqui will start selling Carolina Reaper Madness chips online and at select stores nationwide. And by "chips," we really mean "chip."

Priced at $4.99, said item comes in a small, red, coffin-shaped box with the robed figure of death depicted on the front and, on the reverse, this challenge: "Do you dare to go to hell and back?" You get one—that's right, ONE—standard-size chip per package.

That's because this particular snack is spiced with fearsome Carolina Reaper peppers, widely touted as the hottest variety on Earth, topping the Scoville Heat Chart at 2.2 million SHUs. (Suck it, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion! Don't strain your stem looking up from second place!)