Apple patentiert Papiertüte

22.09.2016 Tech #Apple

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bagWie eine von den hundertbillionen Apple-Parodien, nur in echt: Apple patentiert die Apple Papiertüte. „The paper bag may include a bag container formed of white solid bleached sulfate paper with at least 60% post-consumer content.“

Here are some other enlightening nuggets found in the patent filing:

- “Bags are often used for containing items. For example, retail bags may be used to contain items purchased at a retail store.”
- “The bag may be formed of a container and a handle.”
- “Those skilled in the art will readily appreciate that the detailed description given herein with respect to these figures is for explanatory purposes only and should not be construed as limiting.”
- “The phraseology or terminology used herein is for the purpose of description and not limitation, such that the terminology or phraseology of the present specification is to be interpreted by the skilled artisan.”