The Augmented Dead 💀😱

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Ein Pokémon Go-artiges Dings, mit dem man Verstorbene auf'm Friedhof besuchen kann. Also so augmented: ‘Pokemon Go’-like app allows living to plan missives from beyond the grave (Pics via Samim).


b-arbiz-a-20160817By allowing people to “catch” pre-recorded video messages from the departed in cemeteries, [a tombstone company in Chiba Prefecture] hopes to create an effect similar to snagging Pokemon characters, but with a more personal touch. Yoshiyuki Katori, president of Ryoshin Sekizai in Katori, Chiba, said the firm’s new app, named “Spot message,” realizes his longtime dream of preserving memories of the deceased for the living.

“My uncle, who ran a paint store, died eight years ago after he fell from a tall structure at work,” said Katori, 33. “His death was so sudden, and it shattered the lives of his family. I also respected him a lot, so I would often visit his grave, consulting with him in my mind whenever I had issues concerning my business. I wondered how comforting it would be if he could talk to me at his grave, with messages like ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘Hang in there.’ ”

Katori then came up with the idea of using augmented reality to plant video messages from the dead at their resting places and other locations dear to them.

The concept mixes virtual images with real-life landscapes captured by the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The web-based service targets people who want to prepare videos and photos to be shown to their families and close friends after they die, Katori said.

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