gawkNach dem Univision in einer Auktion die Gawker-Blogs (u.a. Gizmodo, io9, Kotaku) gekauft hatte, macht das Flagschiff (Gawker selbst) nächste Woche dicht. Man kann von dem Laden halten was man will, aber damit geht eine Blogging-Ära zu Ende.

The precise terms of the Gawker shutdown are not yet known, and it’s not clear under what mechanism it will be shut down. Its archive, as of now, will remain online. Univision reportedly has until three days before the end of the month to decide whether or not to include in its acquisition. It might see holding on to the site not only a liability for its branding, but also a potential lawsuit target. (At least one other lawsuit against Gawker, likely funded by Thiel, was filed four years after the original article was published.) If Univision excludes it from the sale, the site remains with Gawker Media, LLC, the corporate entity fighting Hogan in court. The possibility that founder Nick Denton, who will leave the company, might hold on to domain and property is unlikely; Denton is said to have a non-compete agreement with the media conglomerate.

The other six sites in the network — Deadspin, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jalopnik, and Kotaku — will remain in operation.’s employees will likely remain employed in some respect, most likely at other blogs within the network, or potentially other divisions like Fusion.

Von Gawker:

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