Josh Keyes' Overgrown

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Neue Artworks vom großartigen Josh Keyes aus seiner neuen Ausstellung Overgrown in der Archimedes Gallery in Oregon.

Josh Keyes new series of paintings embody the theme of natural entropy, regrowth, and restoration. The imagery in these paintings illustrates a post-human world, an environment “Overgrown” and reclaimed by nature.

At first glance, the imagery calls to mind the contemporary fixation and anxiety surrounding the ever-growing impact the human presence has in relation to environmental change. The cause or event leading to the absence of humans is left to the viewer’s imagination; Josh’s focus is on the remaining landscape. He chose this theme specifically for Archimedes Gallery and its location in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The rolling and breathing ocean has a healing element, a washing away and wearing down. For Josh, the ocean is a place of renewal, of physical change and psychological transformation, and this vision of regrowth and regeneration is at the core of his new imagery. Exploring the metaphors of organic restoration, and expressing the need for inner cultivation and healing, the historical past and our own personal past are ever present, but there is possibility to change, heal, and grow.

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