Gaspar Saladino R.I.P.

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CpEid_RUkAIsnBmComic-Legende Gaspar Saladino ist im Alter von 89 Jahren gestorben. Der Mann hat im Silver Age einige der bekanntesten DC- und Marvel-Comics gelettert und einige der bekanntesten Logos entworfen von Captain America über Green Lantern bis Swamp Thing. Sein Avengers-A ist heute dank Marvels Filmen weltbekannt und er letterte auch das genre-definierende Batman: Arkham Asylum. Sad Day.

Dial B for Blog hatte mal eine ausführliche, 12teilige Artikel-Serie über Saladino, Teil 1 hier.

Until around 1966, Saladino was the second banana letterer at DC, the first being Ira Schnapp. Schnapp was a gifted calligrapher and designer who was responsible for most of the cover lettering, logo design and house advertising there for years. In '66 when artist Carmine Infantino was brought into management (eventually becoming publisher), he attempted to modernize the look of DC by replacing Schnapp with Saladino. Thereafter, Gaspar did most of the cover lettering, logo design and house advertising. Schnapp left the company in 1968.


incredible_gasparGaspar designed hundreds of logos for the company and as time permitted, worked on the insides. When Swamp Thing by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson became both a financial and creative success for DC in the seventies, everyone agreed the comic wouldn't be the same without Gaspar's distinctive and expressive lettering. When he had to miss an issue, the point was proven. He also occasionally worked for Marvel, often under the name "L.P. Gregory" or merely "Gaspar," and was called upon most times when MAD needed someone to do fancy lettering.

Many comic book letterers, including frequent award-winner Todd Klein, cite Saladino as an inspiration or even mentor. He truly was an artist himself, able to craft sound effects and display lettering that were as good as any artwork over which they appeared. His basic balloon lettering was clear and organic and more than a few artists were known to ask, "Can you get Gaspar to letter my work?" He was also super-reliable, putting in long hours at the drawing board when necessary to meet deadlines.

gaspar_hero_cloud avengers gl_logo bb82-91logo_feb1969 cap_falcon amazing_adventures april1969 sgt_fury tt_logo creeper1968april hom_logo ps_logo ww_sept1968 bestofdc16nov1981 AtlasArchives1 tumblr_n2hj0kmmmz1qbgo38o1_1280 aug1980 jan1980 supes_spidey1b Eerie 001 - 01 front cover - Joe Orlando supes_spidey1a gaspar-saladino arkham2 arkham3

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