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Der einzige Tweetie-Feed, der in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten während der heißen Phase der Trump-Shitshow und Clinton-Wahl erträglich sein wird: Hunter S. Twompson, „back from the dead to report on this disgusting, cruel, and obscene presidential election, aided by smack and mongoose adrenaline.“ Here's a taste:

  • The candidate was cruel and orange. And so crooked he needed a corkscrew to get his pants off. Something horrible to see. @
  • They were swine, this orange man's supporters, and they knew it. They ate from troughs, had curly tails, and tasted like bacon. @
  • The gun nuts have intermarried with the Jesus Freaks and produced a generation of heavily-armed apocalyptics following an orange messiah. @
  • Is it morning in America, again? No, it isn't. The presidency is not enough. The government is owned, and there is still meat on your bones. @
  • I feel the need for an ether binge. Just to cope, you understand, with being undead. @

Kommt offenbar von denselben Leuten, die bereits mit Slavoj Tweezek und Werner Twerzog für ein kleines bisschen Vernunft im Twitter-Maelstrom sorgen.

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