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HyperBubbles von Mark Payne. 360°-Fotos in einem 3D-Programm als Textur auf Spheres gelegt und weitere reflektierend rumfliegende Kugel-Shenanigans hinzugefügt. Nice! (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

HyperBubbles came about after a recent trip to an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne. I took some 360º photos (on the new Samsung 360º camera - it's so fun) at different exposures to then later create a set of HDRI's for use as a lighting method in 3D. As I was walking around the space I came across this broken curved safety mirror which was just hanging there, I love how it distorted reality & looked like a bubble just floating in the space. That mental image I think stuck with me when I got home and into my play time.


I started to play with putting mirrored spheres into a sphered HDRI world, the results visually were confusing. When I showed my co-workers the next day they were tilting their heads due to not being sure of what they were looking at, I knew I had to go and explore this bubble world more.

I put 4 of the world spheres in a line, overlapping the ends where they join and then added a vortex of bubbles around those joins and more bubbles moving through the scene. After 11 hours of rendering (on my sad little 2011 Macbook Pro) I was so delighted at the final results.

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