Doom Boardgame

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Fantasy Flightgames haben ihr 2006er Doom-Boardgame aufgebohrt und neu aufgelegt.


Glory Kill your way to victory as one of the United Aerospace Corporation’s elite marines or grab control of the legions of demons threatening to take over the complex. Each side of DOOM’s asymmetrical gameplay introduces an entirely unique way to play, whether you're struggling to save Mars from being overrun by Hell’s most merciless demons or fighting to crush each marine and conquer the planet once and for all. You and up to four friends will play through a series of missions, the marines attempting to achieve a variety of objectives and the invader orchestrating a barrage of savage demon attacks against them. While the marines can respawn after death, they can only do so a set number of times before the demons claim victory over the mission, threatening not only the UAC’s operation, but the survival of humanity as a whole.

The Thing-Boardgame

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666 in Dooms Soundtrack-Spectrogram

Reddit: The numbers 666 appear in DOOM's soundtrack in a spectrogram.

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