Apple Macintosh Wimmelbild-Schnittzeichnung

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Hübsche neue Prints von Dorothy: Der erste Macintosh und der 1970er Minimoog als Schnittzeichnungswimmelbild. Im Moog-Bild findet man unter anderem Anspielungen auf Daft Punk, deren Da Funk-Musikvideo, Kraftwerk und Tron, im Apple-Print habe ich jetzt so spontan nichts erkannt. Trotzdem schick.

Hier der Mac:


Dorothy’s new cutaway print imagines the internal going-ons inside the original Apple Macintosh. Look closely at our miniature world and the tiny people that work in it and discover what they get up to when no one is watching. Find the many references to Apple (and popular culture) woven into the illustration.

The Apple Macintosh (later know as the Macintosh 128k) was launched with an Orwellian inspired commercial directed by Ridley Scott and introduced to the world by Steve Jobs on 24th January 1984. It blew our tiny little minds and for many heralded the beginning of a life long love affair with all things Apple.

Dorothy---0111-Apple-Mac-LaunchPad-A-Web Dorothy---0111-Apple-Mac-Whole-Image-C-Web Dorothy---0111-Apple-Mac-Whole-Image-D-Web

Hier der Moog:


Prior to the launch of the Minimoog in 1970 synthesisers were large, modular machines designed purely for use in the studio. The Minimoog was the world’s first portable (and affordable) synthesiser. Billed as ’The Moog for the road’ - it revolutionised music, acquired a cult like following (which it still enjoys to this day) and quickly became the most popular synth of its time.

Dorothy’s cutaway print imagines a miniature world of musicians hidden inside the Minimoog. The illustration features 28 cameo’s from some of the world’s greatest electronic music pioneers all beavering away doing their own ’thing’. Follow the visual clues and see if you can identify the likes of Sun Ra, Keith Emerson, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Gary Numan (and his Tubeway Army), Giorgio Moroder, New Order, Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Mr Bob Moog himself...and more.

Dorothy---0115-Minimoog-Main-Image-web-C Dorothy---0115-Minimoog-Main-Image-web-E Dorothy---0115-Minimoog-The-Computer-World-web-G Dorothy---0115-Minimoog-The-Robots-web-F

Dorothy auf den Nerdcores:

Periodic Table of Sexual Terminology
Map of Games
Map of Film-Titles
Map of Song-Titles

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