Studie über den Totenkopf-Markt auf Ebay

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Morbide Studie von Christine L. Halling und Ryan M. Seidemann über Totenköpfe auf Ebay, die bis letzter Woche den Verkauf von Skulls zu medizinischen Zwecken zuließen und nun aufgrund dieser Untersuchung ihre Policies änderten: Hundreds of mystery human skulls sold on eBay for up to $5500, Paper: A Review of Internet Sales of Human Skulls on eBay and the Laws in Place to Restrict Sales.


Staffers at the Louisiana Department of Justice in Baton Rouge tracked the sale of human skulls on eBay for seven months. During that period, 237 people listed 454 skulls for sale, with opening bids ranging from one cent to $5500. […]

On average, the opening bids were about $650. Skulls described as pathological – coming from someone with a disease – went for similar prices as other skulls. Specimens cleaned and articulated for teaching started at about $50 more, though. Of the listings which included the seller’s location, most came from the US. California led the pack, with over 50 sales. Missouri came in second with over 30. Ninety-six skulls came from a variety of international locations.

Most likely, not all the skulls were donated to science – some are probably archaeological specimens or from forensic investigations, according to the study.

Marsh says that many skulls could have originated from India and China. This issue attracted attention when exhibitions of plasticised bodies were criticised for using bodies that could have belonged to Chinese prisoners.

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