Newest Blue is YInMn Blue

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Vor sieben Jahren entdeckte der Chemiker Mas Subramain an der Uni Oregon ein neues Blau, das jetzt zur kommerziellen Verwendung freigegeben und lizensiert wurde. Das neue Blau nennt sich YInMn Blue nach seinen chemischen Bestandteilen Yttrium (Y), Indium (In) und Mangan (Mn) und das Zeug sind indeed ziemlich blau aus.

blueThe world’s newest shade of blue, a brilliantly bright, durable pigment called YInMn blue, has been licensed for commercial use and is already in the hands of some artists. The pigment was discovered in 2009 by chemist Mas Subramanian and his team at Oregon State University while they were conducting experiments connected to electronics. […] In a serendipitous accident, one of the resulting samples turned a vivid shade of blue. Further testing found that the unique crystal structure of the resulting compound kept the color from fading, even when exposed to oil or water.

“Ever since the early Egyptians developed some of the first blue pigments, the pigment industry has been struggling to address problems with safety, toxicity and durability,” said Subramanian in statement released by OSU. Existing blue pigments include ultramarine, made from ground lapis lazuli, and toxic alternatives such as cobalt blue and Prussian blue, making OSU’s discovery a major breakthrough.

YInMn, Subramanian added, is “more durable, safe and fairly easy to produce… it also appears to be a new candidate for energy efficiency,” as it reflects a large amount of infrared light. A roof painted in YInMn blue could potentially help keep the building cooler.

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