Motion Capturing for Cars

29.06.2016 Tech #Cars #FX

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The Mill haben ein Mad-Max-like Blanko-Auto erfunden, das per CGI in jedes erdenkliche Auto gemorpht werden kann. Ein Motion-Capturing-Anzug für Autos sozusagen. Nothing is real. (via Core77)

carsThe Mill BLACKBIRD is able to quickly transform its chassis to match the exact length and width of almost any car. Powered by an electric motor, it can be programmed to imitate acceleration curves and gearing shifts and the adjustable suspension alters ride height, rigidity and dampening to replicate typical driving characteristics.

Two years in development, The Mill BLACKBIRD was hand built by the world’s top technicians from JemFX in the very same hanger that the BLACKBIRD SR-71 supersonic jet was once manufactured - the car rig’s name is a nod to this legacy of stealth design.