Bladerunner-Setdesigners used Letraset Helvetica-Leftovers

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Schönes Detail aus dem neuen Bladerunner-Posting des hervorragenden Blogs Typeset in the Future, die Setdesigner von Bladerunner nutzten ihre Letraset-Sheets offenbar bis zum letzten Rubbelletter und verwendeten sogar die Info-Aufdrucke und Bestellnummern im Header:

When Blade Runner was made, there was an obvious and popular way to add arbitrary text to everyday objects such as the photos above. Regardless of whether you were an amateur or a professional designer, your lettering solution of choice would have been Letraset dry transfer. This fantastic rub-on lettering gave a simple (if slightly imprecise) way to add text to pretty much any surface, and it’s the option that Blade Runner‘s design team chose for Leon’s photographs.


However, there’s something… odd about the technical-sounding codes on the edges of Leon’s photos. Let’s take a closer look at their wording: “HELCLN/IUM”? “VETICA MED/CLN”? Hmm. That sounds… familiar, somehow.
Let’s look again at our Letraset sheet […], but rather than studying the body of the sheet, we’ll focus on the header and footer instead […]


If I didn’t know better, I’d suggest that someone in the Blade Runner production department had a used sheet of Letraset hanging around, and didn’t want the leftovers going to waste.

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