Wahlwerbespot der Lobbygruppe gegen Drumpfs mit kleinen Händen

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Die Lobbygruppe (Political Action Committee) „Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands“ haben gestern einen ersten Anti-Trump-Werbespot auf MSNBC gesendet, in dem sie fordern, Drumpfs Hände zu vermessen, um die Zukunft Amerikas zu retten und Schlimmeres zu verhindern. Alles am vorangestellten Satz ist wahr. Jedes einzelne Wort.

Von Oregon Live: 'Tiny Hands PAC' releases new video, demands Trump's hand measurements.

The Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC was started back in March by Portlander Henry Kraemer, who said his goal was to "expose the truth about Donald Trump's tiny baby hands."

Shortly after it was created, the Federal Elections Committee ruled that it had to change its name. At that point, Kraemer told The Hill: "Emerging like a phoenix from the ashes of Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC is Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC."

With Donald Trump now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Katie Nguyen, Director of Communications for the Tiny Hands PAC says, "We need to raise awareness as to the dangers and risks of Donald Trump having tiny hands."

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