Silicon Valley-Charaktere tortengrafik'd auf RealLife-Silicon Valley

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Best Comedy on TV right now. (Sorry Modern Family.)

The absolutely definitive, supremely authoritative, person-to-person mapping of 'Silicon Valley' characters to real tech world personalities. (via Martin)


Every day feels like I've died and gone to hell.

Also, when Gilfoyle takes over the world, his demons may tell him, I worshiped him from the start and I always loved him on Freaks & Geeks.

This season alone, Silicon Valley has consulted with over 250 tech insiders, and the show’s creators readily acknowledge their debt to real Silicon Valley. “The writers in that room are much more like journalists,” writer Dan Lyons recently told Recode (aka Coderag). “We don’t really have to make anything up. All we have to do is present what we see.” This is bananas for many reasons, including: Lyons is also a former editor of a tech blog, Valleywag, and the creator of a satiric Silicon Valley persona, Fake Steve Jobs, which… help! the walls of reality are collapsing!

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