Bits'n'Pieces 10.6.2016: Zuwanderer sind nicht krimineller als Deutsche, Bravo mit Stalking-Tipps, Delete Your Account

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Finally: Kultusminister legen ersten Digital-Kompass vor: „So heißt es in dem 40-Seiten-Papier, das auch dem Forschungsministerium vorgelegt wird, 'neben die traditionellen Kulturtechniken Rechnen, Lesen und Schreiben' trete nun 'der kompetente Umgang mit digitalen Medien'.“

Tja. Bundeskriminalamt: "Zuwanderer sind nicht krimineller als Deutsche"

Die ersten flächendeckenden Zahlen zur Kriminalität von Zuwanderern zeigen nach Darstellung des Bundesinnenministeriums, dass die Gruppe nicht mehr Straftaten begeht als andere. Der jüngste Bericht des Bundeskriminalamts (BKA) zu dem Thema bestätige eine entsprechende Kernaussage einer früheren Erhebung vom Februar, sagte eine Ministeriumssprecherin. "Zuwanderer sind nicht krimineller als Deutsche." […] Dem BKA-Bericht zufolge ist die Zahl der von Zuwanderern begangenen Straftaten Anfang dieses Jahres deutlich zurückgegangen. Die Fallzahlen sanken von Januar bis März um mehr als 18 Prozent. Im ersten Quartal dieses Jahres begingen oder versuchten Zuwanderer bundesweit rund 69.000 Straftaten zu begehen. Circa ein Drittel davon waren Diebstahldelikte, gefolgt von Vermögens- und Fälschungsdelikten.

"Die Kriminalitätsängste sind übertrieben": „Schlägereien, Überfälle wie in der Silvesternacht in Köln oder jüngst die Brandstiftung in einer Düsseldorfer Flüchtlingsunterkunft. Solche Meldungen zeichnen häufig ein drastisches Bild von Kriminalität durch Flüchtlinge. Eine neue Statistik des Bundeskriminalamtes zeigt aber, dass die Realität oft anders aussieht.“

Tja. Brandstiftungen, Sprengstoffanschläge, Körperverletzungen – die rassistische Gewalt hat stark zugenommen. Amnesty International wirft dem Staat Versagen vor.

American Anger – Warum sind die Amerikaner so wütend?: „Die Wut treibt sie an, die Fans des Präsidentschaftskandidaten Donald Trump. Von den anderen Politikern sind sie genervt und fühlen sich nicht ernst genommen. Um herauszufinden, wie die Trump-Anhänger ticken, ist Zündfunk-Reporter Matthias Kolb nach Pennsylvania gefahren, zu einem Donald Trump-Fanclub namens M.A.G. – Make America Great.“

That Pic! Clinton BlackBerry photo led to State official’s query about email account

Queen will Trump "We are the champions" verbieten


Hillary Clinton tells Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account, universe reacts with glee
People Freaked Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Tweet To Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton’s viral Twitter burn of Donald Trump

"Delete your account" is a pretty standard joke tweet, especially in political and media Twitter (which both the people writing "Hillary Clinton's" tweets and the people reading them in the middle of a Thursday afternoon are likely to be familiar with). But this is a well-executed iteration of it.

You don't tweet "delete your account" in response to an outrageous or offensive tweet, because it's not a serious demand. So many of the things that Trump tweets (or retweets) wouldn't be appropriate targets. Rather, "delete your account" is used when someone has tried to be funny on Twitter — for example, by attempting to land a sick burn — and failed.

😠 U.N. Chief Admits He Removed Saudi Arabia From Child-Killer List Due to Extortion

Ban Ki-moon publicly acknowledged Thursday that he removed the Saudi-led coalition currently bombing Yemen from a blacklist of child killers — 72 hours after it was published — due to a financial threat to defund United Nations programs.

The secretary-general didn’t name the source of the threat, but news reports have indicated it came directly from the Saudi government.

Investorlegende warnt vor Supernova an den Finanzmärkten: „'Die Renditen sind so niedrig wie noch nie in den vergangenen 500 Jahren', schrieb er. Es gebe mittlerweile Anleihen in Höhe von zehn Billionen Dollar, die nur noch negativ verzinst würden. 'Das ist eine Supernova, die eines Tages explodieren wird', sagte Gross.“

Science & Tech

Robo Librarian tracks down misplaced books: „A*STAR roboticists have created an autonomous shelf-scanning robot called AuRoSS that can tell which books are missing or out of place.“

Can computers do magic?: „Magicians could join composers and artists in finding new ideas for their performances by using computers to create new magic effects, according to computer scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Writing in the open access journal Frontiers in Psychology, the scientists, one of whom is also practicing magician, have looked at modelling particular human perceptual quirks and processes, and building computer systems able to search and find designs for new tricks based on these potential responses from the audience.“


Up close and personal with the first Tango phone: „ It's a suite of technologies that combines computer vision, motion tracking and depth perception to help a device figure out exactly where it is and how it's moving through space. So far, the Tango foundation has been used, among other things, to give us turn-by-turn directions inside a museum and let us play with virtual puppies.“

Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone: „For the first time, carbon dioxide emissions from an electric power plant have been captured, pumped underground and solidified — the first step toward safe carbon capture and storage“.


BuzzFeed to Fleet Street – 'We're figuring out the future of journalism': „Shares are more important than raw page views. 'BuzzFeed journalists, editors and video-makers study relentlessly what will cause their audience to share their content. We don't deal in big round numbers, we deal in metrics of sharing,' says the editor-in-chief. 'The key to the success of news is working out how to marry those learnings with more traditional journalistic skills of running down a story, finding out who's doing a bad thing and trying to cover it up.'“


Neuer Comic-Laden in Prenzlberg.

Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May may head out on the road next year.


Die gefaltete Welt des Erwin Hapke: „Er lebte 40 Jahre völlig einsam und faltete sich seine eigene Welt: Erwin Hapke schuf hunderttausende Faltfiguren aus Papier und Metall und arrangierte sie in seinem Haus bei Unna wie in einem Museum. Erst jetzt, nach seinem Tod, wurde seine Kunst entdeckt - ein exklusiver Fotorundgang.“


Discworld Comes to Life in Omar Rayyan’s Artwork for Mort

Rayyan, a long-time fan of the Discworld series had this to say about the project:

To be asked to tackle Mort was a great honour. The Discworld books while in so many ways their own universe, are very deeply grounded in our reality by Terry Pratchett’s sharp writing. To attempt to capture the richness, humour, and depth of them (without rubbing too many fans and connoisseurs the wrong way) was a daunting task but a most enjoyable one – a dream job for any book illustrator. I can only hope I have contributed a little more colour to the already vivid world of the Disc and still left sufficient room for the reader to immerse themselves in their own personal vision.

A six month secret project incubated inside the Sub Rosa lab performed live at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona Spain. This 40 min rendering is from 27 unique, real-time, audio reactive systems to drive algorithmic animations. Each of the 27 animation systems we're cue'd at key points in a 40 min track, with some new original music by Madame Gandhi, pre-mixed by Kiran and Alexia Riner. On stage, Kiran live drummed on top of the mix in addition to using OSC (Open Sound Control) to have her percussive hits change variables in the animation system. I also had a base set of variables that I could trigger via OSC that further controlled different aspects of the animation overall.
Despite their being 27 cue'd animation aesthetics... the interaction between the both of our inputs creates a unique 40 min Audio / Visual experience... to play this performance again would re-generate a new 40 min experience.

The Enduring Legacy of The Twilight Zone

In his 1961 address to the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, Newton Minow famously offered a pessimistic assessment of America’s most exciting new industry. Television, declared Minow, was turning into a “vast wasteland” of “blood and thunder” and “formula comedies.” Minow, the recently appointed head of the Federal Communications Commission, specified only one weekly series he found “dramatic and moving,” a hopeful sign of what broadcast television could become. This was The Twilight Zone, which its creator and chief writer, Rod Serling, described as “a series of imaginative tales that are not bound by time or space or the established laws of nature.”


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