Bits'n'Pieces 1.6.2016: Orcas do the Evolution, Kerbal Space Program auf nem AppleII, Hatespeech-Kodex, Coral Bleaching auf den Malediven

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Kommentar Ökostrom-Reform: Eine unentbehrliche Debatte: „Die Bundesregierung folgt in Sachen erneuerbare Energien einer verqueren Logik: einerseits fördern, andererseits bremsen. […] Der Ausbau der Erneuerbaren geht vielen in der Regierung zu schnell, weil die Kohlebranche unter den Wind- und Solarstrommengen leidet.“
Renewables 2016 Status Report
Scientists debate experimenting with climate hacking to prevent catastrophe
Coral bleaching spreads to Maldives, devastating spectacular reefs

Physicist Stephen Hawking baffled by Donald Trump's rise
Stephen Hawking angers Trump supporters with baffling array of long words

Dalai Lama über Flüchtlingskrise: „Deutschland kann kein arabisches Land werden“: „'Wenn wir in das Gesicht jedes einzelnen Flüchtlings schauen, besonders bei den Kindern und Frauen, spüren wir ihr Leid', sagte das spirituelle Oberhaupt der Tibeter. Jeder, dem es etwas besser gehe, habe die Verantwortung, den Flüchtlingen zu helfen. Dann ergänzte der Dalai Lama: 'Andererseits sind es mittlerweile zu viele.' Deutschland sei Deutschland. 'Europa, zum Beispiel Deutschland, kann kein arabisches Land werden.'“

Trump spielt ein Cover des Nazipunk-Songs „Lügenpresse“: Politiker versus Medien: Trumps neuer Feind Nummer eins: „Auf kritische Journalistenfragen antwortete er erst pampig, dann wütend. Statt ihm für seine großartige Arbeit zu danken, würden ihn die Reporter nur kritisieren, schimpfte er. Journalisten seien generell schlechte Menschen. Und die politischen Reporter sowieso. 'Sie gehören zu den unehrlichsten Leuten, die ich je getroffen habe.'“

Donald Trump's 'playbooks' offer a glimpse into his ruthless business practices

Rechtsnationale in Europa: Die Angstmacher: „Sie sind in Europa auf dem Vormarsch: Rechtsnationalistische Parteien schüren irrationale Ängste, gaukeln simple Lösungen vor. In welchen Ländern geht ihre Taktik auf?“

Ziele, Parolen, Wahlprozente: Rechtsnationale in Europa - der Überblick: „In Schweden stammen sie aus der Neonazi-Szene, in Lettland heroisieren sie die Waffen-SS, in Frankreich streben sie nach dem Präsidentenamt: Ziele und Stärke rechtsnationalistischer Parteien in europäischen Ländern.“

Australia’s censorship of Unesco climate report is like a Shakespearean tragedy

„A popular Iranian actress whose latest movie won two awards at the recent Cannes Film Festival threw her native country into an uproar on Tuesday after images emerged suggesting that she had a feminist tattoo on her arm.“

Renewable energy smashes global records in 2015, report shows: „Last year saw record worldwide investment and implementation of clean energy such as wind, solar and hydropower“.

Was heißt hier linksgrün?: „Die neue Rechte hantiert mit perfiden demagogischen Begriffen. Die Linke postet Katzenbilder. Höchste Zeit für ein bisschen Ideologiegeschichte.“


Hasskommentare im Netz: Berlin hadert mit Brüssels Facebook-Kodex: „Die EU-Kommission bejubelt neue Regeln für das Löschen von Hasskommentaren, etwa für Facebook und Twitter. Doch von vielen Seiten kommt Kritik. Selbst dem Justizministerium geht der Kodex nicht weit genug.“

EU hate speech deal shows mounting pressures over internet content blocking: „people familiar with the complicated world of internet content filtering say the EU agreement is part of a broad and worrisome trend toward more government restrictions. 'Other countries will look at this and say, 'This looks like a good idea, let's see what leverage I have to get similar agreements,' said Daphne Keller, former associate general counsel at Google and director of intermediary liability at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. 'Anybody with an interest in getting certain types of content removed is going to find this interesting.'“

RIP DarthPutinKGB: „Thanks Twitter. My mornings will never be the same. You allow despotic regimes to spread lies and propaganda. You allow trolls to disrupt our discourse. You allow bigots to spread hate and division. But you have suspended one of the funniest, most original, and most creative parody accounts ever to grace Twitter -- one with more than 50,000 followers, one that has been making me laugh out loud several times a day for years, one that is spot on in its humor.
DarthPutinKGB pulled off an impossible task -- parodying and lampooning Vladimir Putin on a daily basis without being trite and without being abusive. His tweets were timely, relevant, insightful, and very very funny. Suspicions are rampant that DarthPutinKGB was probably blocked due to a complaints campaign by Russian trolls.“

Facebook spares humans by fighting offensive photos with AI: „Today we have more offensive photos being reported by AI algorithms than by people.“

Science & Tech

Retro Computing: Apple-II-Hommage ans Kerbal Space Program

Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture:

Killer whales, like people, are widely dispersed from the tropics to the poles. But many populations seem to remain in a single area where they have carved out a specialised niche, hunting a particular target through a sophisticated hunting strategy. Some eat fish by herding them into bait balls, for instance, whereas others target mammals such as seals by deliberately stranding themselves on beaches where the seals live. Individuals live in stable groups for several decades, so juveniles have plenty of opportunity to learn these specialisms from the adults – biologists use the term “culture” to describe the learning of such striking behaviours. But are these cultural groups of killer whales genetically distinct from one another?

To find out, Foote and his colleagues looked at the genomes of 50 killer whales from five niches – two in the Pacific Ocean and three in the Antarctic Ocean. The genomes fell into five distinct groups that exactly mirrored the five cultural niches. Some genes that may have specific functions in diet, for example, seemed to have diverged between the different cultural groups. In other words, even though killer whales shared a common ancestor as recently as 200,000 years ago, individual cultural groups have become genetically distinct – so killer whale genomes and culture have co-evolved.

Paper: Simulated thought insertion: Influencing the sense of agency using deception and magic: „In order to study the feeling of control over decisions, we told 60 participants that a neuroimaging machine could read and influence their thoughts. While inside a mock brain scanner, participants chose arbitrary numbers in two similar tasks. In the Mind-Reading Task, the scanner appeared to guess the participants’ numbers; in the Mind-Influencing Task, it appeared to influence their choice of numbers. We predicted that participants would feel less voluntary control over their decisions when they believed that the scanner was influencing their choices. As predicted, participants felt less control and made slower decisions in the Mind-Influencing Task compared to the Mind-Reading Task. A second study replicated these findings.“

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning


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