Mehr Datanomnom: Data Cuisine Round 3

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Seit zwei Jahren veranstalten die Menschen von Data Cuisine jede Menge lecker Workshops in Datenvisualisierungskochen, also die Visualisierung von [x] mit Nudeln und Hacksteak. (Vorher auf NC: Data Cuisine, More lecker Data Cuisine).

Data Cuisine explores food as a means of communication and information expression. It is an initiative by prozessagenten, process by art and design with data visualization expert Moritz Stefaner. We research ways to represent local open data in local food, through the inherent qualities of food such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition, origin etc. The Data Cuisine Workshop is an experimental investigation on the representation of data with culinary means, or — if you like — edible diagrams.

Bild oben: Atomic Shots: „Nuclear accidents at the four Belgium nuclear power plants and the amount of people living within their 30 kms zones. 30 kms was the radius defined as the evacuation zone around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Each gram of gel globules in the shots corresponds to 100,000 people living in these zones.“

Die letzte Runde fand im Smart Gastronomy Lab in Gembloux (Belgien) statt und diesmal gab's neben den Atomic Shots folgendes Infografikmampf:


Death by Chocolate: „3D-printed caskets are made of dark chocolate and come with 5 different fillings representing the most common causes of death in Belgium.“


Egguality: „Would you think that the amount of women in academia is higher in Turkey than in Japan or Belgium? The three variations of a simple egg dish tell the surprising facts at one glance. Different flavours and characteristic ingredients were chosen according to the countries and turn the egg-graphics into a tasty experience.“


Four seasons of pleasure: „is there a relationship between sexual libido and weather conditions? The creators of this edible calendar know there is – and decided to provide help. In relation to the daily weather conditions experienced in April 2016 in Gembloux, the team created four different filled bread balls, each having a particular effect on the libido. The carefully chosen local ingredients – four different types of asparagus combined with various aphrodisiac herbs – will put you in a positive mood for love. The ‘winter’ balls make you feel warm; the ‘spring’ balls will help you to open up; the ‘summer’ balls will refresh you; and the ‘autumn’ balls improve your strength.“


Nobel Du Chocolat: „The statistically significant correlation between chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel prize winners in selected countries served as the inspiration for “Nobel du chocolat”. The desserts vary in in complexity, their country-specific ingredients and the amount of chocolate used.“

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