Joshua Hoffines Horror-Photography is a book

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Vor acht Jahren (!) bloggte ich zum ersten mal über Joshua Hoffines Horror-Fotografie (Flash-Alarm!), jetzt macht er aus seinen gesammelten Alpträumen ein Buch, kann man per Kickstarter vorbestellen.

bookThis oversized 12×12 hardbound full-color photo book will be a complete compendium of my work as a Horror photographer. Thirteen years in the making, this book will feature new and never-before-seen photographs, as well as new writings and commentary. […] Designed as a 12"x12" coffee table book, Joshua Hoffine: Horror Photography will be printed for maximum photo quality in full color. To be published by Dark Regions Press, a specialty publisher of Horror, fantasy and science fiction in business since 1985, Joshua Hoffine's photo book is being held to the highest possible standard of quality.

- Oversized 12"x12" hardcover printed in full color
- 150+ pages on premium photo paper with gloss finish
- Offset printed with Smyth sewn case binding for maximum durability
- Available in case laminate trade hardcover and slipcased deluxe signed hardcover with dust jacket

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