Jeff Lemires „Black Hammer“ finally happening

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Jeff Lemire hatte sein neues Comic Black Hammer eigentlich bereits für den Sommer letzten Jahres angekündigt, aber hatte dann scheinbar mit seinen Gigs bei Marvel und Valiant Comics zu viel zu tun und dann zog sich Zeichner Dean Ormston auch noch eine Hirnblutung zu, weshalb das Projekt verschoben wurde, bis der Mann wieder arbeiten konnte.

jeff1Jetzt ist es also endlich soweit: Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston's creator-owned Black Hammer will arrive in July.

"Black Hammer" stars six superheroes attempting to rebuild their lives after they found themselves wiped from continuity during a "Crisis on Infinite Earths"-style event that nearly destroyed their hometown of Spiral City. Now, trapped on a farm in place that feels like millions of miles from home, Abraham Slam, Col. Weird, Talky-Walky, Barbalien, Golden Gail and Madame Dragonfly are picking up the pieces. But while some of them are adjusting to rural life quite nicely, a few of the superheroes keep cutting themselves (over and over again) on the glass.

Der Plot klingt wie eine selbstreflexiv-existenzialistische Superheldenstory, vielleicht sowas wie ein komplementäres Watchmen in kleiner. Ich bin extrem gespannt, alles daran klingt großartig und Black Hammer könnte sogar Sweet Tooth als meinen Lieblings-Lemire ablösen.

There is a great line in the first issue: "It may not be the life that we want, but it's the life we have. And at least we have it together." I know it's superheroes, but this is actually the story of the world's weirdest and perhaps most dysfunctional family.

Yeah. Pretty much. [Laughs] In a lot of ways, it's a lot closer to "Essex County" than it is to "Extraordinary X-Men," or whatever I'm doing at Marvel or DC. There are superheroes in it, but it's definitely an exploration of why I love superheroes, the history of superheroes, and all of that stuff. But underneath all of that, it's really a story about this family of oddball characters that are thrown together. You don't choose your family, you choose your friends. These guys didn't necessarily choose one another, but they're stuck now with one another and, for the most part, they're making the best of it. It's really fun to write these characters as real people and not have to figure out who or what they need to punch or fight each month. I want to let them breathe and be real people.

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