Skeletton-Stage of Talking Heads for AI-Sex Dolls

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Der Erfinder der RealDoll arbeitet an einem sprechenden Roboter-Kopf mit AI und das da oben ist die Skull-Phase der Entwicklung, sozusagen: The Early Makings of a Talking Sex Robot. Menschen mit Penis sollen den wohl zwischen die Zahnreihen da klemmen, so wie im echten Leben halt, nur mit mehr Plastik. Yay!

westworldAlong with a team of engineers, [Matt McMullen, the creator of the legendary RealDoll, is] creating a robotic head equipped with artificial intelligence that can connect to the body of his silicone love dolls. While still in the development phase, Abyss Creations/RealDoll has been releasing progress updates on Instagram. […]

The Nova already looks realistic, albeit more doll-like than human-like (which is likely the goal). It will be very interesting to see improvements once an actual prototype is revealed. Abyss Creations plans to be in the prototype stage in early 2017 and begin taking preorders later that same year. Realbotix also plans to release a mobile app that holds the doll’s user-customizable personality. So you will be able to communicate with her wherever you are. The AI-enhanced robot will also integrate with virtual environments via virtual reality headsets.

Realbotix V2.0 expression tests #realbotix #realdoll #sexbot #robotlove

Ein von RealDoll (@abyssrealdoll) gepostetes Video am

"Nova" Realbotix V2 head systems test. Stay tuned! #robotlove #realbotix #sexbot #realdoll #madeinusa

Ein von RealDoll (@abyssrealdoll) gepostetes Video am

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