Tilt Shift Temple Festival

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Model-Train Wholecars

Ich bin, was Modelleisenbahnen angeht, nicht up to date und weiß nicht, ob Graffiti-Züge da schon länger am Start sind,…


Nintendo relauncht Famicom als Mini-Konsole in Japan

Neben dem bereits vorgestellten Mini-NES wird Nintendo auch das Famicom als Miniatur-Ausgabe verkaufen, leider nur in Japan für ¥5,980 (rund…


Funktionierende Miniatur-Siebdruckmaschine für Mini-T-Shirts

Love this: „A miniature version of a Silkscreen T-shirt Printing Press. It is a functional and is able to print…


Potaka: Erste Programmiersprache in bengalischer Schrift

Vor dreieinhalb Jahren gab's die erste Programmiersprache in arabischer Schrift, nun hat Ikrum Hossain eine erste Programmiersprache in bengalischen Zeichen…


Neue Miniatur-Riots von James Caulty

James Caulty (The KLF) baut seit einer ganzen Weile Miniaturen von Aufständen in dystopischen Mini-Großstädten. Mit denen geht er jetzt…


Miniature Photography Studio from the 1900s

Lovely Diorama by Ali Alamedy from Turkey: Miniature Photography Studio from the 1900s. Here's the guy on the Instagrams.

Minuature-Origami-Gameshow is a Surgeon Recruiting Ad

Minuature-Origami-Gameshow is a Surgeon Recruiting Ad

Echtes Commercial für die Personalabteilung des Kurashiki Central Hospitals auf der Suche nach Chirurgen-Nachwuchs. (via C77) In daily clinical practice,…


Papercraft Boeing 777-300ER with moveable Parts is pretty much done

Vor knapp zwei Jahren bloggte ich über Luca Iaconi-Stewarts Boeing 777 aus Papier an der er seit 2008 herumbastelt. Das…

Bangalore, India was once known for its interconnected lake systems which provided a reliable source of water. As the city grew these lakes were encroached and the water became polluted day by day. The largest Bellandur Lake in Bangalore now carries huge volume of snowy froth which blocks the adjacent canals. This froth which would otherwise been a sight to behold stinks and on contact with skin causes irritation. Following a heavy rain the froth from the canal rises up and lands on the roads causing inconvenience to those travelling on two wheelers. This is a major concern with many such lakes in Bangalore which are getting polluted with harmful chemicals like nitrates, potassium, sulphates, etc. Although the residents have raised their concern by informing the local media for cleaning the lake, till date the Government has not taken adequate measures. The lake now emits intoxicating smell and blew froth all around whenever there is wind. Despite all such issues new residential complexes are still coming up.

The affected area would be around 200 meters and if it too windy the froth flies even further entering the neighbouring houses. The people residing nearby the lake are suffering from several health issues.

Bangalores Toxic Foam Invasion

Debasish Ghosh dokumentiert den Giftschaum aus dem Bellandur-See in Bangalore, Indiens Techie-Hauptstadt, der seit ein paar Monaten nach jedem Regen…


Monkeys eat Indian Internet

Indien hat Probleme mit dem Internet-Ausbau und der Verlegung der Glasfaser, weil Affen die Kabel fressen. Monkey see, monkey do:…