Bruce Springsteen – Purple Rain

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„Bruce & The E Street Band opened the first of two nights of The River Tour 2016 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with “Purple Rain” in tribute to Prince. To celebrate his music and legacy, download a free MP3 of the live audio track from that performance at“

Plus: Questlove Remembers Prince: In This Life, You're on Your Own: „My mom found the record and threw it away.“

Und: Explicit Lyrics: Remembering Prince vs Tipper Gore.

Prince was a more empowering artist for women than Beyonce ever will be. Media and musicians are far more interested in Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian pwning some random fan on Twitter for throwing shade for the clicks. Maybe that’s why pop music has become so uninteresting, because none of this interested Prince.

In the end, thanks to stunningly fluent and passionate testimony from artists like Frank Zappa and Dee Snyder (whose speech should be viewed in it’s entirety) about the responsibility of parents to pay attention to the music their kids were consuming–as opposed to the federal government or a committee created by record labels–the PMRC was reduced to abandoning their quest of pulling such music from record stores and were forced to settle for a “Parental Advisory” warning label that, while compromising the integrity of the artists’ album art, became the equivalent of the musical Streisand Effect; a badge of honor and something much much more enticing to young audiences than any idea of Nikki grinding in the dark.

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