GCHQ warned Harry Potter of leaked copys

Promo-Aktion für den britischen Geheimdienst oder Spione mit echten Sorgen um Wizards und Muggel-Literatur? You decide:

spy agency GCHQ was also on the lookout for leaks of a yet-to-be-published Harry Potter book, its publisher has revealed. Shortly before the publication of [a Harry Potter-Volume], publisher Nigel Newton received an unexpected phone call.
"I remember the British spy eavesdropping station GCHQ rang me up and said 'we've detected an early copy of this book on the Internet'," Newton told Australia's ABC Radio in an interview last week that gained attention in Britain on Sunday. "I got him to read a page to our editor and she said 'no, that's a fake'," said Newton, founder and chief executive of Potter publishing house Bloomsbury, describing the spies as "good guys".