Questions raised by „racist“ Hair-Search-Algorithms

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Great Points by Leigh Alexander regarding the „racist“ Google Image-Algorithm and the search results for „unprofessional/professional hair“. (On those last two questions I tend to the latter.)

[Googles Algorithm] does what it’s designed to do: reflect the content that it has available. But the dream of the web as a “great equaliser” remains only that, and the fantasy of a truly non-judgmental, universal digital servant who shows us the true size and scope of the world is still unfulfilled.
Is this something Google can “solve for”, perhaps by tagging and prioritising images differently? And if so, ought it to? These questions get at the very identity of “search” as a digital concept: is its purpose to reflect and reinforce what its users feel, do and believe? Or is it to show us a fuller picture of the world and all things contained in it as they really are?


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