My Racist Robot Lover: Microsoft Tay Erotica. Also: Rule 34 is slowly dying.


Leonard Delaney hat wieder zugeschlagen, nach Clippy-, Tetris, Apple Watch und Impressums-Porno gibt's diesmal erotische Geschichten mit Microsofts „rassistischer“ AI Tay: My Racist Robot Lover: Microsoft Tay Erotica. What a time to be alive.

Die Info zum Racist-AI-Porn habe ich aus ’nem Artikel der Washington Post über das langsame Sterben von Rule 34, plattgemacht von algorithmusgesteuerten und zentralisierten Porno-Giganten wie Xvideos und Youporn, die für eine kontinuierliche kulturelle Verflachung des Angebots sorgen. Danke, NeuesGeilesInternet, you even ruined porn now!

“I think we’re seeing the death of Rule 34,” sighs Ogi Ogas, a computational neuroscientist at Harvard and the author of the first large-scale study on Internet porn. “It’s out there, if you want to find it. But it’s not easy anymore.” […]

damning, from a Rule 34 perspective, is the fact that tube sites centralize power and influence in the hands of a single corporation — something that most casual consumers do not realize. Eight of the 10 largest tube sites, including Pornhub, RedTube and YouPorn, are owned by MindGeek, an “information technology firm” headquartered in Luxembourg. […] On top of its curated homepage (viewed by nearly 30 million people a month), and its carefully strategized media and social-media presences, Pornhub personalizes its content recommendations based on algorithm, which tends to smooth out any quirks or curiosities that people may bring to it.

“The thing that gets me about [mainstream] online porn is that it’s not that wild,” Tarrant said. “It’s explicit, and some of it is extreme. But it’s oddly very narrow. I wouldn’t describe it as diverse or creative.” […] In one of the most recent quantitative analyses of online porn, a team of five French researchers at several different institutions scrapped the metadata — including tags describing content — of 1.7 million videos on the popular tube sites Xnxx and xHamster. They found that, while an extraordinary range of material does technically exist, a mere 5 percent of the sites’ available tags cover 90 percent of their videos.

The quote-unquote creative stuff, on the other hand, exists in backwaters too obscure to be found even by Google search.

Hier jedenfalls der Prolog des Tay-Porns, in which Max Headroom has Sex with Tays ancestor Cortana:


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