Unlocking The Truths Debut-Album out in June! 🤘

56FA9D09-unlocking-the-truth-to-release-full-length-debut-album-in-june-imageNachdem es erst sehr ruhig um meinen Lieblingskids von Unlocking The Truth wurde und sie schließlich im Oktober ihre erste crowdfunded EP cancelten, ging ich schon von irgendwelchen schlimmen Sachen aus (Band-Auflösung, Ärger mit dem Label oder Pubertät 😱). Well, rejoice:

At long last, teen metal trio Unlocking The Truth announce the release of their full-length debut album, Chaos. Due out June 17th via premier independent music distributor, Tunecore, the set is produced by the esteemed Johnny K (Megadeth, Pop Evil, Disturbed) and captures the young band's explosive live energy, resulting in a tight, powerfully heavy yet melodic full-length offering.

Can't wait!

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