Midnight Ramblers: 70s-Groupies reimagined

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Schöner Kurzfilm der Fotografinnen von Wiissa: Meet the groupies of the golden age.

hairStaffed as fashion icons, musical muses and love interests, groupies have played a pivotal role shaping the industry. Pamela Des Barres founded the groupie band, the GTOs, which was produced by Frank Zappa. The Rolling Stones wrote “Ruby Tuesday” about a groupie Keith Richards once knew, and ‘Sweet’ Connie Hamzy was name-checked by Grand Funk Railroad. David Bowie hired Cherry Vanilla, self-proclaimed groupie, as his super publicist, and Tura Satana taught Elvis Presley some of his famous moves. They’ve inspired dozens of songs and broke, even more, hearts, and Midnight Rambler is re-imagining the stories of the groupies behind the feather boas and swathes of suede.

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Internet, Symbolvideo

Internet, Symbolvideo

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