AI Godwins Law

28.03.2016 Misc Tech #AI

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Bemerkenswerte Comments auf Hackernews zu Microsofts AI-Debakel:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-27 um 19.07.20

Weiterer, sehr kluger Kommentar, der vor allem die Anthropomorphisierung der AI verantwortlich für den Hype macht. Da dürfte sehr viel dran sein:

I find interesting and funny how an anthropomorphic computer program can generate this kind of reaction in the general public: while Tay is a new step in AI, chatterbots existed since the 60's, so I believe most people understand that these kind of programs don't really "know" what they are saying. A search engine like Google can also return politically incorrect content by introducing some specific input, and it's even possible to affect the probability of certain result showing up first (i.e. Google bombing), and most people know this too. But Google have no face nor a social network account, and most important, Google is not a teenager girl.