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Grave-Scan confirms: Shakespeares Skull is missing

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Archäologen haben Shakespears Grab gescannt und ein fast 150 Jahre altes Gerücht bestätigt: Es scheint tatsächlich so, als habe irgendjemand in den letzten vierhundert Jahren des Barden Totenkopf geklaut. Der scheint jedenfalls nicht da, wo er sein sollte. „Alas, poor Yorick!“ indeed.

7301005Shakespeare's skull is likely missing from his grave, an archaeologist has concluded, confirming rumors which have swirled for years about grave-robbers and adding to the mystery surrounding the Bard's remains. Four hundred years after his death and burial at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon, central England, researchers were allowed to scan the grave of England's greatest playwright with ground-penetrating radar. But in the area under the church floor where the Bard's skull was expected to be, they found signs of interference.

"We have Shakespeare's burial with an odd disturbance at the head end and we have a story that suggests that at some point in history someone's come in and taken the skull of Shakespeare," said archaeologist Kevin Colls from Staffordshire University.

"It's very very convincing to me that his skull isn't at Holy Trinity at all."


Vom Guardian:

Kevin Colls, the archaeologist who led the team, said the grave was not as they had expected. “We came across this very odd, strange thing at the head end. It was very obvious, within all the data we were getting, that there was something different going on at that particular spot. We have concluded it is signs of disturbance, of material being dug out and put back again.”

There is also “a very strange brick structure” that cuts across the head end of the grave, he said.

All of that gives credence, Colls said, to a story published in the Argosy magazine in 1879 that Shakespeare’s skull was stolen from Holy Trinity in 1794.

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