Marijuana Nutella


Grade geht mal wieder Marijuana-Nutella rum, diesmal heisst es Chrontella und kommt aus Canada. Gab's vor zwei Jahren schonmal aus Californien und die ganzen Weed-Brands (Snoop Doggs Leaf zumindest) dürften ebenfalls Schokoaufstrichdope am Start haben. Hier noch ein Rezept zum Eigenanbau von Stonertella, damit wäre das Thema dann wohl endgültig leergelöffelt:

[It] looks like Nutella. It tastes a lot like Nutella (except the milk part). And yes, it works like crazy. So FFS, don’t eat it the way you usually eat Nutella (i.e. without stopping) or you’ll get way too high :-)

And it only takes about 1/2 hour to make if you have all the (right) ingredients. So here’s the list of ingrediENTs (you knew that was coming, right?):

Hazelnuts (unshelled, raw hazelnuts): between 1 and 2 cups
Cannaoil: between 3 and 5 tablespoons (the big ones :-)
Cocoa powder: 1/2 cup (see Notes at end)
Powdered sugar: 1 cup (also see Notes at end). Do not confuse with cocaine; that involves C notes instead.
Salt (regular, not kosher): 1/8 teaspoon
Vanilla Extract: 1 teaspoon