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Sad George eating Noodles

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Gabrielle Fusco shot this pic of a sad George Lucas eating Noodles in a Mall in Australia. (via Dailydot)


So many questions… Is this actually George Lucas? (He has the same beginning goitre [Kropf], so I guess it's him.) Why is he eating noodles alone in a mall with a trillionbillion dollars in the bank?

What is he thinking? („I should have never gone selling my stuff to fucking Disney. I still would be able to troll them all with added footage of Jar Jar, you know, a flapping ear here, some twirly tongue there. But no, I'm stuck with Noodles and J.J. now.“) Al dente or cooked soft, with or without Sambal Oelek?

And why the fuck is there a sad George Lucas eating Noodles in a Mall in Australia?

So many questions…



Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

Eins meiner Argumente für The Force Awakens als innovativen und wirklich guten Film ist sein remixender Selbstbezug, der vielleicht erste Film, der das Konzept „Mashup“…


Darth by Darthwest

Hübsches Hitchcock/Star Wars-Mashup von Fabrice Mathieu. (via Maik) Mathieus FilmNoir-Kurzfilm aus Hitchcock-Cameos Master of Suspense hatte ich vor ein paar Monaten hier gebloggt.



(via Sascha)

Hermione Granger Panama-Papers-Fanfic

All is full of awesome with a headline like this: „The First Line Of Every Fan Fiction I Have Started Writing Once I Found Out…


Millennium Falcon in London

„Photos have revealed that Star Wars most famous spaceship has touched down in London.“ (via io9)


Luke is all by himself

„Luke Skywalker is all by himself, and you can tell he is pretty broken up about it.“


Snake Skin Vader-Helmet

Ein Vader-Helm aus Schlangenhaut. Mit dem 3000-Dollar-Preis ist das Ding wohl eher nicht aus Imitat, was das Teil völlig unabhängig von der Kohle zum No-Go…

Kylo Ren Outtakes

Kylo Ren Outtakes

„What kind of product do you use for your hair? Is that a gel or… cream?“ (via 3Pew)


LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer: the ISD Tyrant

Giant Lego Star Destroyer, die fünfhundertdreiundachzigste (Seriously: Gibt's irgendjemanden mit Lego-Steinen, der noch keinen Giant Star Destroyer gebaut hat? However.): „The Tyrant is over 56…


Warum immer mehr Prominente sterben

Nach Bowie, Eco, Westerwelle, Genscher, Lustig, Minsky, Lemmy, Rickman und nun Prince stellt sich fast schon automatisch die Frage: Warum ist 2016 so ein Arschloch?…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Trailer

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Trailer

Erster Trailer zu „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“: I love this. Die AT-ATs über Palmen, das dreckige Setting, die Charaktere (Forest Whitaker! Donnie Yen!…