Preacher-Series is coming in May (Update: First Reviews from SXSW-Premiere)

Die Preacher-Serie feiert heute auf dem SXSW Premiere und bis grade eben gab es noch kein Release-Date, man spekulierte auf „irgendwann später im Jahr“. Well, fuck that. In zwei Monaten geht's los.


Ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass zur Premiere auch ein neuer Trailer veröffentlicht wird, den reiche ich dann als Update nach. Bis dahin: WAAAAAAAAA! Und: Don't fuck this up! Hier nochmal der erste Teaser:

[update] io9 hat ein paar der ersten Eindrücke von der Premiere auf dem SXSW-Festival. Looks like we have a winner!

[update 15.3.] Erste Reviews auf Deadline:

Directed by Rogen and Goldberg and written by Catlin, the pilot — which screened for critcs at TCA in January — feels like the serious successor to Rogen and Goldberg’s earlier This Is The End, and fans of the comic will be very happy at how it balances that series’ intense, loopy insanity. But the pilot is also gorgeously directed, particularly evident in the choreography of its three fight scenes (each of the three principals get one), and the sweaty, swampy aesthetic sure to make die hard Texans feel very much at home watching. Beginning with a trippy montage showing the spiritual thing‘s journey from heaven, through the solar system and finallyPreacher Joseph Gilgun Cassidy to a small church in Africa, where it causes the explosive death of its pastor, it settles for a while into a languid character study, yet turns on a dime into brutal, exploitative violence and slapstick.

Noch mehr Reaktionen auf Variety:

In its world premiere screening at the Paramount Theater, the TV iteration of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial comic drew raucous laughter, applause and outright cheers from the packed house, even in scenes that Rogen later admitted he wasn’t sure would earn a laugh. “I turned to Evan during the screening and said ‘we’re in a room with the most f—ed up people,'” he quipped during the post-episode Q&A.