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Ray Tomlinson, Inventor of the eMail, R.I.P.

Gepostet vor 3 Monaten, 17 Tagen in R.I.P.

ray-1020_large-cropped-thumb-620x300-112971Ray Tomlinson, Erfinder der eMail, verstarb letzte Woche im Alter von 74 Jahren an einem Herzanfall. Ray made that weird @-Symbol into what it is today: „In 1971, he established the first networked email system on ARPANET (the internet's ancestor), using the familiar user@host format that's still in use today. It wasn't until 1977 that his approach became a standard, and years more before it emerged victorious, but it's safe to say that communication hasn't been the same ever since.“

More: R.I.P.


Anton Yelchin R.I.P.

Grade erst noch in Green Room als Punk auf der Leinwand gesehen: Anton Yelchin kam im Alter von nur 27 Jahren bei einem Unfall ums…


ALF-Actor Mihaly Meszaros R.I.P.

Mihaly Mezaros, der Mann im ALF-Kostüm, ist im Alter von 76 Jahren gestorben. Sad Day. Mihaly “Michu” Meszaros, the Hungarian-born performer who segued from life…


Muhammad Ali R.I.P.

Impossible is nothing. (Muhammad Ali) Muhammad Ali boxt jetzt irgendwo in Space mit The Greatest Of All Time: Muhammad Ali, the three-time world heavyweight boxing…


Original Beastie Boy John Berry R.I.P.

John Berry, Gründungsmitglied, Gitarrist und Erfinder des Namens „Beastie Boys“, ist gestern im Alter von nur 52 Jahren gestorben. Vom Rolling Stone: Berry is credited…

A Love bizarre

A Love bizarre

Lets celebrate the sexiest motherfucker one more time. Wow. I mean: WOW! (It starts pretty awesome, and then it takes a turn into a thing…

Can I play this guitar?

Can I play this guitar?

Weil es muss: I know times are changing It's time we all reach out For something new, that means you too Creepy Bonus:

Bruce Springsteen – Purple Rain

Bruce Springsteen – Purple Rain

„Bruce & The E Street Band opened the first of two nights of The River Tour 2016 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with “Purple Rain” in…

Purple Rain live at the Superbowl ☔️

Purple Rain live at the Superbowl ☔️

’Ne Performance für die Ewigkeit.


Warum immer mehr Prominente sterben

Nach Bowie, Eco, Westerwelle, Genscher, Lustig, Minsky, Lemmy, Rickman und nun Prince stellt sich fast schon automatisch die Frage: Warum ist 2016 so ein Arschloch?…

Drumming Purple Rain on a Truck in Los Angeles

Drumming Purple Rain on a Truck in Los Angeles

Let's go crazy! (via Ronny)


Purple Rain Emoji ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ Und das kommende Cover vom New Yorker: Und das hier: When thousands sing Purple Rain in tribute to Prince.Via @StarTribune…