Insect Pasta

01.03.2016 Misc #Food #Insects

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In Frankreich anscheinend ein kleiner Verkaufshit: Pasta mit Insektengeschmack. Ich würde das Critter-Nudeln ohne zu zögern mindestens versuchen, ich bin aber auch generell eher experimentell veranlagt (sagt der Typ, der sich ohne Probleme ausschießlich von Pizza ernähren könnte. Naja.)

An artisanal pasta-maker in northeastern France is struggling to meet demand after adding a crunchy, protein-rich ingredient to the noodles: insects. […] For Richard's unique pastas, she uses pulverised crickets and grasshoppers, sometimes mixing the two, and sometimes mixing ground cepes with cricket flour. "There's a kind of nutty taste thanks to the cepes, making it taste more like whole wheat pasta," Richard says.

She was developing a high-protein pasta for athletes when an insect distributor in eastern Lyon contacted her. Sold on the idea, she began producing pasta made from insect flour in time for the December holidays, and around 500 packages flew off her shelves. […] Whole eggs are added to a mixture of seven percent insect flour to 93 percent organic spelt wheat flour, producing a brownish pasta that is shaped into radiatori, fusilli, spaghetti and penne.